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We are committed to bringing the latest and best technologies to the area.  That is why we have invested in the Insight Discovery Subluxation Station.


Our state of the art computerized technology allows us to identify nervous system stress.  If we do an evaluation and see that there is no nervous system disturbances, we will report the great news.  If we find disturbance, we will report that as well and make proper recommendations. 

The key, find out.  Find out if chiropractic is a fit for you and your family.  There is a reason that families get chiropractic care, the studies show that chiropractic kids are healthier than those children who live an allopathic (medical) lifestyle.  Take charge today, it's your life, and your future. 

Call today, mention this site and get our computerized assessment and consultation for only $50. 


What is Your NSFI Number?
Your NSFI number is your NeuroSpinal Functional Index Number, and tells us how healthy your body and nervous system are functioning. The Insight Subluxation Station™ Discovery model is a 3-technology unit that   provides a comprehensive picture of the patient's NeuroSpinal health. This technology is certified by the space foundation and was used by  astronauts. The results from this complex battery of tests can now be communicated to patients with one number. The NSFI scale runs 0-100 and provides doctors with a single number that reflects the overall impression of their patient's NeuroSpinal health. The NSFI number is calculated by using 3 different technologies, Surface EMG, Thermal Scan and Pulse Wave Profiler (Variable Heart Rate). Using these technologies and getting your NSFI number the doctor will have a better understanding of your body and your overall health.


Exclusive Offer!

New Patient Special $100 initial visit.

Sign-up using the form or call us at 540-446-5824 to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

THIS ---->https://fredericksburgchiro.com/services/state-of-the-art-computerized-assessments.html

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